Post Author: Emily Chu

The 90’s are back in JAXN’s music video for his song, “EXPLORE.” JAXN is an upcoming electronic/indie songwriter and producer. He debuted his first track, “INTRO,” late last year, and he’s said to be “making waves with his own brand of contemporary electro R&B.”

The video for “EXPLORE” is COLORFUL. Images and videos overlap one another in stark contrasting colors to make them really stand out. The video has a distinct 90’s feel to it – from the first scene being a small, bulky TV with a corded microphone plugged in to it, to the old risqué movie footage sprinkled throughout the video. The guitar has a distinct wah-wah feel like many songs did back then. JAXN is even wearing a Steve Jobs like turtleneck in some of the footage, and an all white get-up in others, reminiscent of ‘N Sync. This video is certainly trippy and slightly psychedelic, and definitely won’t bore you.

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