Kashish, "Cycles"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

A beautiful melody, stunning visuals, and introspective lyrics make up the song and video for Kashish‘s song “Cycles”.  The Philadelphia, PA r&b/pop singer draws from everyday life and thoughts to add a uniqueness to her tracks.  Not only a musical artist, she is also an activist, performing at the NYC Women’s March and other protests.
This track is not necessarily about the political sphere, but still has meaningful roots that will connect with all listeners. And the music video for “Cycles” has amazing production value, matching the composition of the song. Kashish had this to say about “Cycles”:

“CYCLES” is about recognizing a toxic relationship and building up the courage to end it. I think many people can relate to the idea of knowing that something is bad for you, but still feeling the need to engage with that negative aspect of their life. I want people to know that it is okay to have these feelings, but it is just as important to let go and grow from these experiences.
For more information about Kashish and her upcoming projects, you can visit Facebook.