Käss Overall, “Cauliflower”

Käss Overall, or Kassa Overall, of the duo Kool & Kass featuring Kool A.D. just put out the official video for "Cauliflower," self-produced and taken from a forthcoming solo project he still hasn't put a label on, but that's set to be released in pieces over the coming month. The duo put out the Coke Boys LP in February, and this video is the first thing we've seen from either of them since. Directed by Slack Barrett, it features a glazed-over Käss face-up in a bathtub as drops of food coloring swish around an aggressive close-up. His spaced-out, easy delivery of clever lines is both hypnotic and funny, carried along by a wiry, otherwordly beat. We're guessing this is just the beginning of what his vivid imagination has to offer.