LA Vampires by Octo Octa, “Freedom 2K”

This video and song have a very specific texture in common. In both, we get a distinct impression of the kind of fuzzy home-made quality that comes with much of the music on 100% Silk; the idea that this music maybe wasn't made in a fancy dance tracking studio, but instead in the artist's home, but that the artist's home has so much glamour and style and verve that when the sound echoed off of her bedroom's things and into the microphone it acquired a certain fuzzy, glossy, echo, because that's just what her things look and sound like. The video has a similar idea. It's seems almost like a standard "get all your friends together and get them to dance to the camera in front of your song" type steez, except in this case Amanda Brown's friends are the most fashionable and serious and beautiful, so when you get them all to dance to your song in front of a Vaselined-up lens it's dramatic and modern because that's just how they are.

The Freedom 2K 12-inch will be released by 100% Silk on May 15.