Litanic Mask, “U Release Me”

Last month, Litanic Mask treated us with a mix to soundtrack our Friday nights. Now, they're treating us again, but with their own music. "U Release Me" is stuck somewhere between Purity Ring's breed of electronic pop and 80s goth, a crystalline and tactile barrage of consonance and digital mirage. The song's accompanying video is equally as lucid, beginning with the literal deconstructive release of natural structures into the air. Much like the song itself, the images are lifted into weightlessness. The rest of the video simply depicts the Portland trio performing the song amidst angular lighting and juxtopositions of nature. Binary oppositions abound in both the video and the song itself: nature/human, analog/digital, light/dark. "U Release Me" lies right on top of these contradictions, synthesizing them into the beautiful images the video puts on display.

"U Release Me" is taken from Litanic Mask's most recent album Vampire, which is out now via Audraglint.