LV feat. Okmalumkoolkat, “Sebenza”

This is one of those tracks that seems ripe for the remix; rich with disparate elements, it hangs together only delicately. LV's rapping is heavily accented and so deadpan it's almost difficult to call it rap, but when combined with the incredibly digital and high-pitched twitch beat it works, in the same way the deadpan rapping of the Streets was appreciable only because his beats were so tight, and kept the tension high. This Johannesburg, South Africa music is incredibly different from the other main area of contemporary import that we are getting from Africa right now, from the Sahel, including the Malian rap of guys like Iba One, which drips in hard thuggism. LV, and his crew, which consists of bros Spoek Mathambo, Okmalumkookat, and Ruffest, is nerdy and technology-loving, rapping about Macbook Pros. When LV rolls his Rs on the word "rest" in the refrain, you will decide you either like this song or hate it.

Hyperdub is releasing the EP Get a Grip on July 23.