New Duo, “Let Me Go”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Longtime collaborators Scott Stapleton (PhosphorescentVirgin Forest), and Matthew Walker (Dead Dream) are now operating under the moniker New Duo. Their debut LP explores electronic, new romanticism, pop, and uninhibited themes. At once familiar and unique, New Duo self-produces every aspect of their identity and vision. Not just a band, but a true creative entity.

The music video for “Let Me Go” is funky, bright, and empowering to an extent. Bright flashes of light and an all-too-brief glimpse of Walker, strobing over scenes of Stapleton, shirtless, looking dapper as ever with his 70’s cut and stache. He may be a part of a photo shoot, flexing with his shades, but he’s singing toward the camera words almost morbid in simplicity, “Why Don’t You Let Me Go?” As if that’s not enough, this video may be more about his haircut than we are quite privy to in the beginning.

(But is it?)

New Duo’s debut self titled album is out Sept 30th.