No Nets, “Heavily On My Side”

Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s indie/emo/rock band No Nets – comprised of Sal Mastrocola, John O’Neill, Walter Shock, and Dave Hauenstein – is expected to self-release the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut album – Affable & Ready for Small Talk – in October. The album, titled Bright Light, was largely inspired by the punk and emo bands they grew up with, but the sound has its own twist of rock that is, in a way, beautiful and certainly unique to No Nets. Today, check out the lyric video for their single “Heavily On My Side”.

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“I wrote this song a few days after I worked up the courage to ask my now wife’s dad for his blessing to marry her,” explains Mastrocola. “It catalogues the range of emotions that one goes through on the cusp of a big life change – excitement, nerves, uncertainty, sheer terror – and the ultimate acceptance, relief, and comfort that one finds when they finally “get there.'”

The song begins with simple, beautiful guitar chords underneath inspired, Bob Dylan-esque vocals. The other instrumentals pile on quite quickly and the song revs up slightly in tempo, as you travel through the acceptance Mastrocola speaks of. We can hear some vintage-inspired trends in this song (think 70’s indie/folk), with the chorus feeling more garage punk than anything else.

Perhaps it’s time to question your big life decisions. Do it with this track as the backdrop. Can’t hurt.

Bright Light is out October 21st. Keep up with release details here.

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