Ponyhof, “Tiger”

Post Author: Loren DiBlasi

Ponyhof is the band led by Carrie Erving, a Bushwick, Brooklyn based singer and composer. Shaped by a diverse array of people, places, and things—including Erving’s time spent living within a tight-knit artist community in Berlin—the project is a distinct one, highlighted by light, angelic vocals and opulent instrumentation.

“Tiger”, the ethereal single from Ponyhof’s 2014 debut, Empires, is a thoroughly graceful tale of self-discovery. Highlighting its themes is the track’s new video, a superb and cinematic clip that juxtaposes Erving’s words with the innocence and wonder of childhood; a young boy looking to the stars for answers speaks to the curiosity in all of us. “Tiger” features guest vocalist Will Butler of Arcade Fire (a high school friend of Erving’s) and it’s plain to see how the two musicians might share a kindred spirit.

Ponyhof’s Empires is out now on Bandcamp. For more on Ponyhof visit the band’s website.