Premiere: Darlings, “Extras Talk to Extras”

Mall Tapes, an exclusively VHS production house, has unveiled the second edition in thier music video output (the first being this sick Toxie vid) and it's for the infectious Darlings track, "Extras Talk to Extras". The video is of the band playing around in a claustrophic, neon pink room, as they wear outfits made entirely of googly eyes. The pink haze glows and grows and the googly eyes seem to magically proliferate—suddenly they're on the microphones, the ground, the guitars, and topping pizza. Is this a veiled critique of the NSA? We'll never know. Look above for a photo of the band on shoot with Mall Tapes, happily crafting away.

Darlings have a show at Silent Barn tonight at 8pm with Juniper Rising, A. Rex & J. Jex, and King Prom. Come with your conspiracy theories in pocket.