Premiere: JUICEBOXXX feat. White Rainbow, “1-900 JUICEBOY”

JUICEBOXXX just dropped a new mixtape to the ether called BEYOND THUNDER ZONE and at the risk of overdoing it with capitalization, we've got to say that it lives up to the HYPE. As the man describes it himself:

"It is very blown out and the product of a winter listening to Beastie Boys and Guided by Voices on my phone while waiting for the bus in east LA and eating a Yum Yum donut. I collaborate with a few friends (Antwon, ISSUE, White Rainbow, Gnar Tapes/White Fang, Fielded, Schwarz, Fat Tony, Kool A.D.) but mostly this tape is about one-take vocals thru a fuzz pedal and basic survival. Just trying to keep things free and honest. If you listen to it the whole way thru a story unfolds. ALSO, don't sleep on the record I put out last year, I DON'T WANNA GO INTO THE DARKNESS. It is very underrated."

The video that we've got here to premiere for "1-900 JUICEBOY" is an image of some fish-eyed tomfoolery, running around LA, pounding burgers, jumping through alleys with Dumpsters, and flirting with some errant, flying basketballs. All shot in fierce hi-fi color and gritty, over-the-top visuals, it's stimulating and old school, which sounds exactly right when both the Beastie Boys and Guided by Voices are primary inspirations. Watch the video above, and then stream/download JUICEBOXXX's newest mixtape here.