Premiere: Mechanimal, “Schnitt”

While Greece as a nation goes through economic and social decline, it's musicians are brazenly conceiving some of the most interesting records in Europe. Artists like Lary Gus and Kid Flicks perked our ears towards the Grecian experimental sound and today we're including Mechanimal's industrious trance to the list.

Mechanimal's self-titled debut originally dropped in 2012 on Inner Ear. Six months later, Mechanimal's eponymous debut is being re-released by the label. Comprised of pioneers in the Grecian electronic scene, Mechanimal is a trio that synthesizes the motorik of krautrock to an industrial shoegaze. The presence of ominous spoken word atop "Schnitt" is not present in the duration of the record as the vocals vary from vaguely human to glitched.

The video for "Schnitt" takes the viewer into the teenage underbelly of a beachside town. As a young man finds his way into a bohemian commune of disaffected youths, Mechanimal build their scuzzy drone. The spoken word lingers on the words "self-reliance" and "this of course was never true". The music expresses political undertones, while the video aims to dissuade you from the cause and into a decadent life of pleasure.

Mechanimal's self-titled debut is available via Inner Ear. Stream the entire record here.