Premiere: Part Time, “No Boys Till Midnight”

After titling its last record PDA, David Speck's Part Time returns with a sensual song that harkens back to a pubescent stage in a young man's life when you had to sneak around in bushes outside a girl's slumber party, waiting for her parents to go to bed.

Now that kids have Snapchat and Skype, we hope the sort of formative experiences told on "No Boys Till Midnight" are still a part of growing up. That guys still crash slumber parties to play spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven. If Speck's karaoke-style of singing was off-putting on previous efforts like PDA or What Would You Say?, perhaps seeing a mangey-haired puppet deliver the tone-deaf chorus that goes for the big pay-off will change your mind? Speck is known for his exploration of teenage romance and "No Boys Till Midnight" finds Part Time immersed in the halcyon days of first kisses and a whole lot of hormones. While it's fairly wholesome, these aren't the puppets you'll find on one of Sesame Street's musical numbers.