Snaex, “Razor Blade”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Snaex is an awesome duo made up of Chris Teret of Company, and Chriss Sutherland of Cerberus Shoal, Fire on Fire, and Olas, so they’re no strangers to the music business. They released their third album this year, titled The Heart Of The City, where the duo tackled issues such as modern life in the throes of gentrification and neoliberalism.

They’ve just released a music video for a track off of that album, and it’s called “Razor Blade”. The video follows the two guys through the streets of Portland, Maine, through constructions sites and neighborhoods, as a neighborhood seems to be getting gentrified, and they carry a white sign with a question mark on it. The song is honest yet soothing, and the video is definitely unlike any other. “I don’t wanna live, by the shopping mall, in a place with no graffiti up upon the walls…”