Stik Figa, “Flaudgin”

Stik Figa is so ahead of the game that even his slang is yet to be recognized by – no joke, we looked it up (and we're embarassed a bit). Our literary assessment (or ole' college try) of "flaudgin" is that it's a portmanteau of fraud and flaunting. While the people in Topeka have probably not thought it out in the manner we did, it seems we're not far off based on Stik's words.

On "Flaudgin" Stik raps "you thinking that I care? / I pulled up in that thang, windows tinted let'em stare / of course, the ride is rented, dog / I'm leaning in the chair /shorty said ' that car ain't yours / well, neither is your hair." The hilarious exchange has Stik admitting he's not above the slang's sting, but at the same time, he can't be called out by someone who's equally flaudgin.

So there it is. You have some new slang to lay on those who are fakin' moves. Use it with care.

Stik Figa's As Himself is out now on Mello Music Group.