Upset, “You and I”

In the heyday of music videos, an underlying plotline usually aided in helping us take the video more seriously than we normally would. Because, you know, it's a music video. Soul Asylum's superserious tribute to missing children, "Runaway Train", was exactly that kind of video—and it has been sitting around for years, ripe for the mocking. Upset, Don Giovanni's latest signee, a three-piece poppunk band from LA, has finally taken it on and have rendered the near perfect video to put Soul Asylum in its place. With a premiere on Rookie Mag, the video is the stuff of comedy dreams. Featuring cameos form Power Violence (Whitmer Thomas, Clay Tatum, Budd Diaz & Rodney Berry), James Pumphrey, Jess Lane and Chris Thayer, and directed by Sean O'Connor, nothing about this should make you upset. (Hey, we aren't comedians, okay?)

Upset's debut record, She's Gone, releases on October 29 through Don Giovanni Records. Look here to read about Upset's love of Twitter, and here for tour dates with Screaming Females.