Wallgrin, “Ae’aea”

Meredith Schneider

Wallgrin – the relatively new experimental art-pop project by vocalist, composer, and violinist Tegan Wahlgren – has been hard at work on some fresh material for us. In fact, she’s releasing her newest track “Ae’aea” with File Under: Music‘s bi-weekly video single series, One Song At A Time. But we’ve got the exclusive premiere.

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Directed by Matt Leaf, who collaborated with Wallgrin on the concept for the video, “Ae’aea” begins with a thundering waterfall, setting the dramatic tone for the song and its visual counterpart. As Wallgrin’s gorgeous vocals float over the notable, throbbing percussion, she almost floats across the fallen leaves in a thick, green forest, the beautiful foliage – and notable aluminum cape – surrounding her. Her beautiful brown eyes, rimmed in a brilliant blue that matches the vividness of the water, express deep emotion as she examines her reflection in a mirror.

There’s no wondering why it’s considered a siren song.

All of the songs in One Song at a Time are available digitally, and will be up for purchase in a compilation once the 12 video series wraps up.

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