Watch MTV 12 debut a new Hound Video

Post Author: JP Basileo

The latest installment of MTV 12, the very funny home-made web series brought to you by Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster and her Bad Canoes bandmate Dawn Riddle, features a video premiere for Philadelphia metal-punks, Hound. The episode is a hilariously self-aware, disjointed introduction to Eddie Austin, who introduces the trio as “from Philadelphia, Hollywood.” He’s asked to compare the band’s members first to three different breeds of hound, and then to the three flavors in one of those three-way-split popcorn tins.

The video is for the song “Cold Sweat”, off 2014’s Out of Time, on SRA Records—a quick, muffled, metal ripper that follows sunglass-donning singer/guitarist Perry Shall as he drives through the streets of what is imagined to be Philadelphia, Hollywood. It’s a drive-fast song with clear punk roots, switching from banger palm-mutes to soloing over power chords, tremendous by contrast, leaving as suddenly as it arrives, hammered home with a final and very satisfying “yeah”.