Younolovebunny, “My Love”

Danish multi-instrumentalist Claus Frohlich aka Younolovebunny is a man surrounded in myth. Begun in 2002, Younolovebunny was almost accidentally picked up by Almost Musique just last year after appearing on a FatCat compilation. He once issued a 200-song CDR release and his live-performances reportedly feature wigs, fireworks, blood, and lemon cakes amongst other things.

Enter the music video for Younolovebunny song "My Love," taken from his record Happy Nation II. The video shows a computer screen as its user surfs the web, browsing wikipedia, reading about Roger Williams and finally chatting with customer support on a site called "Test King." If this doesn't convince you that this guy is weird, perhaps the rumors that he is a pig farmer will get you. Or that fact that he claims to be sitting on upwards of 700 songs and releases most of his records in secret, only making them available to his immediate friends.

And yet, the lyrical content takes on a rather serious tone as many of Frohlich's songs tend to do. His monotonous and at times screeching vocals work well with his experimental brand of lo-fi, grungy punk; creating an unusual, albeit interesting, mixture of catchy, serious and silly all at once.

Happy Nation II was the first Younolovebunny release available to the general public. The record, a play on Ace of Base's Happy Nation, came on out on French label Almost Musique this past fall and features an extra 30 minutes of music on the B-side. Frohlich has since released a cassette on 1/1 and is currently working on a split 7-inch with Shimmer Stars.