Main Attrakionz & DJ Ammbush remix Dominant Legs

Main Attrakionz

Listening to Dominant Legs' “Make Time For The Boy” now, it seems terribly obvious that the Bay Area indie poppers wrote a song fit for a rap remix. But, to reach that conclusion it took DJ Ammbush and Main Attrakionz to slow those twinkling keys to a codiene syrup crawl and toss some hollowed out drums over it. Presto change-o, a track from Dominant Legs' Invitation LP (2011) get the cloud rap treatment.

The remix is a testament to the limitlessness of “cloud”. We would rope in some sort of metaphor about the scientific process in the formation of cumulus and the science of the Apple product, but remembering 8th grade curriculum is getting harder and harder. It does not help matters that upon hearing the remix, we properly cut it short, broke it down, rolled it up, added heat, kissed the end, and let the vapors roll. So we're in no condition to be waxing philosophicals about cloud rap; sticking to letting the remix burn on repeat.

Shout outs to Dreamcollabo for making this possible.