Sockets Records showcase with Hume, Skeletons, more

Stephanie Glass

hume band washington dc

Hume. All photos by Stephanie Glass.

Sockets' second annual showcase at Black Cat this past Saturday was a roaring success for a multitude of reasons (including not being hung over upon waking).

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The event boasted a line up of four of the most innovative and gifted acts from not only D.C., but New York as well, thanks to Skeletons. The night was filled with an array of merchandise buying (both Laughing Man and Hume were celebrating the release of new albums), and hopefully some missed connections (to quote Laughing Man's Brandon Moses “If someone gets laid tonight, email us so we know we did our job”).

Each band built off each other's energy, while also putting their own spin on things. While Laughing Man provided soulful garage-like blues (and an 11-piece orchestra for their final song), Skeleton's covered the more esoteric side in their progressive experimental jazz/pop/rock. Buildings' then took over with extremely layered and complicated instrumental post-rock and Hume wrapped it all up with their multifaceted ambient experimental pop bliss. All in all, Sockets' 'Showcase 2.0' proved this merriment-filled happening needs to become a D.C tradition.

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