Hermit Thrushes' Wooded Blankets cassette EP

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Hermit Thrushes, <i>Wooded Blankets</i>

At one point a long time ago, Hermit Thrushes were known as that band that dropped their pants to their ankles at a Voice reporter in hopes for some crazy publicity. A long lost blog post is what they got.

Luckily their music doesn't take the same approach — the only shock value there is to this new Hermit Thrushes cassette EP is its brevity — a sub-ten minute, four track outing that is ripe with enough whimsical pop concepts for a full-length.

Highly recommended. You can download the mp3s at any cost and buy the cassette for $4, both here.

I received this tape a few months back and had been meaning to let people know about it sooner. In the meantime, the band's been working on a full length, Mystery Ocean, so keep your eyes peeled.