Chillwave bros and Poets & Writers alike converge on James Kaelan

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In a rare double scoop, James Kaelan got the cover of Poets and Writers AND was lashed on Hipster Runoff's Alt Report. Look At This F*ckin Hipster got on the action over a week ago with some creative
writing of their own.

In the history of my mind, I can't remember this happening. Kaelan has gone mainstream in two different segments: with MFA
professors in Iowa and with chillwave bros just chillin'.

Kaelan's book We're Getting On has been getting positive vibes from all the usual indie-book places–such as yesterday's Largehearted Boy piece–but nothing like this.

Sure, the Alt-Report mocks his ride a bit, but all publicity is good publicity right? On that note here's some more: Kaelan's book, We're Getting On is published by Flatmancrooked and the first edition had seeds in it that you could plant if you didn't want to read it.

The new edition is out and Kaelan is trekking out on his bike for a Zero Emission tour, hence the dramatic P&W cover.

J.A. Tyler at The Big Other was “blown away” by the book and I usually trust his judgment. Hopefully Kaelan and Flatmancrooked get 'mad hitz' from the attention.