The 40 Hottest Band-Aids Ripped From The 40 Hottest Women In Indie And/Or Tech

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The realm of hot Band-Aids and sexy gauze has traditionally been relegated to men, as men are more likely to prick themselves on the pointy shards of success. But here at IMPOSE, we have started to notice that women, too, are also capable of skinning their knees on the blacktop of Genius.

Our editors pored over a bunch of other important slideshows and painstakingly took screenshots of those important slideshows to curate the most elite bandages that hug the indie-sphere's buzziest epidermises and carry the tech-slorg's most promising bodily fluids. Scroll down and into THE FUTURE.


Rian is probably the hottest indie luthier in Secaucus, NJ. When she's not repairing handcrafted instruments, she's writing code! (via)


Wait, shit, Eddie Huang is a guy, but he doesn't get enough coverage in important publications so here's a photo of his sweet-looking finger wound. (via)

#38: Jennifer ToastMAXXX

Jennifer, or “T-MAXXX,” as she's known to her friends, is too modest to admit to being a crackling, must-have talent in the Screen World. After she sold her given name to Toaster Corp™ for $6 million in 2003, T-MAXXX used the profit to invest and build her start-up, POCKET-BOXXX, the app that acts as a virtual reminder to check your pockets for gum and stuff before you drop your laundry off. (via)


Beeweather is perhaps best known for her performance art piece, “SHOOT/CRAP/DIE,” that debuted on a Fung Wah bus from Boston to Atlantic City last year. For eight-and-a-half hours, Beeweather created a “virtual casino” right there in the bus's bathroom, complete with an invisible craps table, men in leg warmers drinking Fuzzy Navels in front of slot machines, and a caterwauling voice-siren that sounded every 20 minutes to jar the numb, gambling souls back into consciousness. Despite being beaten within an inch of her life during the second performance, Beeweather received a grant from an Australian pedicab company to turn “SHOOT/CRAP/DIE” into an e-book, and she continues to inspire and awe from her studio atop the St. Louis Arch. (via)


With her innovative tattoo design (the ink is made from shredded college essays on the work of Charles Bukowski), Frieda turned heads at this years SXXSW, mostly because she is nine-and-a-half feet tall. (via)

#35, #34, #33, #32, #31, #30, #29: CAT POWER

No one else has been able to harness the internet's Power of Cats quite like Cat Power. She will be on our list for years to come. (via)


Square CEO and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is rumored to smell a lock of Nickelpump's hair every night before he goes to bed. That's because this 26-year-old developer has ideas dripping from every pore. Nickelpump created LittleBigEye, an app that allows parents to monitor their kids from their phones and send them directly to boarding school with one finger-swipe. (via)


Juno's been on our radar since she started her own foot blog,, and man, her feet are fucking perfect. I mean, honestly, have you seen better fucking feet on anyone? (via)

[ED NOTE: Inexplicably, slide entries 26 through 2 are more photographs of women's feet. In the interest of editorial transparency and integrity, we will skip to #1. John Bail has been dismissed. IMPOSE regrets the error. Don't worry we weren't paying him anyway.]

#1: YOU

That's right. You clicked. (via)