Ela Orleans and Dirty Beaches choose sides

Blake Gillespie

Ela Orleans/Dirty Beaches split

Atelier Ciseaux teamed up with La Station Radar and stateside label Night People for a split 12″ that, despite the stark contrasts, seem to find a dawn and a dusk before that quiet space that comes from flipping over the record. With artwork by Shawn Reed of Night People on recycled paper, Double Feature is a split 12″ that pits Dirty Beaches throbbing midnight madness against Ela Orleans surf balladry that patiently awaits the sunrise. While a song from each side was previously released on Night People's Double Deluxe Fold, the remaining 10 tracks are exclusive to the 12″.

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It would seem Alex Zhang Hungtai is far from running short on droning rockabilly odes to outrunning the devil on a Vincent Black Shadow. Side B is shrouded in darknesss that's faintly illuminated by the occasional passing pair of headlights. Side A is the brightside as Ela Orleans opt for looping the histrionics of the beach party scene on “Neverend” for a ballad fit for Roy Orbison comparisons.

Purchase Double Feature now and take notice of the limited-run of 50 12″ vinyl and gray silk-screen t-shirt packages available here.

Double Feature tracklist:

Side A – Ela Orleans
01. Tides and Shadows
02. Neverend
03. Somewhere
04. Vertigo
05. In the night
06. I know

Side B – Dirty Beaches
07. God speed
08. Crosses
09. Death valley
10. Don't let the devil find you
11. L train
12. A train

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