Lloyd's radio-friendly “Dedication”

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serious cat

Fader reports the official “pussy” count in Lloy'd “Dedication To My Ex-” (Miss That) to be a shockingly low 34 utterances. 34? Really? Apparently the word is only worth counting when it's said by a male vocalist – fuck yo suffrage, ladies.

Rumor has it Lloyd told his producers and songwriters that he wants that Cee-Lo fame. He wants the next big vulgar-inflamed single that employs editing techniques comparable to the USA network airing Friday to the gratuitous lyrics in order to gain mass appeal. This is Lloyd's “Louie Louie.”

Lloyd, “Dedication To My Ex-” (Miss That) (feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000)

Poll for the comments section: Who will be the first to remix/cover this song, but make it about their onry cat? Kreyshawn or Best Coast?