Q&A with Penguin Prison

Joseph Anthony Evans

Born and raised in New York, Christopher Glover (AKA Penguin Prison) released the full-length album “Lost in New York” in 2015. The concept for the album speaks about the trends that have come and gone. A story that is told from the perspective of Christopher Glover as he explains the experiences and emotions endured while growing up in the big city. Penguin Prison presents a mixture of modern dance pop and the work of a natural poet. Music that is inspirational for all.

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Recently released is the first single “Turn it Up” for his new upcoming EP said to be out sometime in 2018.

Below, Glover answers some pretty important questions for us,

What would be the most underrated tourist attraction in New York?

Everyone knows about Central Parkand Prospect Park but what about Fort Tryon Park?? It’s got the Cloisters Museum as well as many winding paths and the feeling of being in upstate New York.”

What are some records to relax/chill to during a foggy and cold day?

“Any Billie Holiday / Nina Simone / Ella Fitzgerald albums.”

One of the best restaurants that you’re a regular at?

“Lilia in Brooklyn is my favorite new restaurant in NYC.  Everything on the menu is amazing and I love the ambience.”

Which albums give you the most inspiration?

A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory, Led Zeppelin I-IV, Nirvana – In Utero, Fleetwood Mac – Tusk, Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty

What typically motivates you to write new music? Is there a certain setting you have to be in?

“Music has to be extremely loud and on a loop for many hours and I need to be running around and dancing.”


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