Rainsford, "Rendezvous"

Post Author: Emily Chu

Rainey Qualley, aka Rainsford, is a singer and songwriting who’s living in Los Angeles. She’s recently released a new single, and it’s called “Rendezvous.” The track was released on July 14th, and we got the chance to give it a listen.
“Rendezvous” is a hypnotic track that will compel anyone and everyone to move to it. Rainsford’s voice is infectious, and it’s one of those songs that will get stuck in your head with no effort at all. Regarding this song, Rainey says:

Rendezvous is one of my favorite songs to play live because I like telling the story about how we wrote it. Most of my songs are based on personal experiences. And while I witnessed a little rendezvous that was the inspiration for the song, it wasn’t initially a first person encounter. Writing in that way allowed for a more playful approach. Also my dad (who lives in Panama and only recently got a cell phone) gets this hook stuck in his head and sings it back to me all the time.

Check out the track and keep up with Rainey Qualley via her Facebook page.