The Lagoons, “California”

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Do you like smooth jazz? What about indie rock? Well, brothers Joey and Ryan Selan have been creating an extremely intriguing blend of both under the moniker “The Lagoons“. Transplants from California to Texas, these talented musicians – trained in jazz, actually – have found a way to incorporate aspects of both jazz and indie rock, as well as some synth pop to bring us a sound that is uniquely theirs. They have two EPs under their belts since just last year (Check out The Lagoons and Hypocrisy), and we have the debut of their latest track “California” right here.

Starting out with synth that makes you feel starry-eyed, it is quickly follow by the most sultry blend of guitar and percussion you may have ever heard. Slowly, the song incorporates saxophone to exude that smooth jazz vibe that we associate with the duo. The vocals blend into the instrumentals quite well, with words like “I’ve been sipping on some California wine, everything feels fine when I’m with you / I’ve been puffin’ on some California kush, thinkin’ bout my life, how everything revolves around you” bringing the reality that this is a love song to the forefront. We’re big fans.

We’re going to play this on repeat over a montage of our summer now.

“California” is off The Lagoons’ third studio EP Gems.