The Strokes are Back and Ready to Rock (& Roll)

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The Strokes

On May 26th we caught wind that The Strokes, one of the best rock bands of the decade, is finally releasing new music!  It’s only been three years since their record Comedown Machine entered the public ear, but it seriously feels like it has been forever.  Tracks like “50/50” were pretty good, but I’ve been waiting for something to bring me back to my love for 2003’s “Reptilia.”

Their EP Future Present Past is officially out [tomorrow, June 3rd], but you can stream it right now through their label’s website on Spotify.  

Let me tell you – from a first impression, this EP is awesome.  It’s a little bit of classic rock and roll mixed with The Strokes’ flair for a driving undercurrent beat.  It has three original tracks, “Drag Queen,” “OBLIVIUS,” and “Threat of Joy,” as well as a Fab Moretti Remix of “OBLIVIUS.”  Each one is pretty different from the others, but all have that little spark – free and easy, like I should be driving at 80 mph on a mountaintop, blasting it through the speakers.  And even though the remix is less rock sounding, it still feels wide, open, and spacial.  So good.

Give it a listen, if you haven’t yet!  It just feels so good to hear Julian Casablancas’s voice again, giving the rough edge to the five-piece band’s distinguished, golden sound.

Pre-order the EP on The Strokes’ website – a digital copy is only $4, and a vinyl package (including stickers!) is $15.  And while you wait for it to load, you can watch this new Conversation with The Strokes right here.

Keep an eye open for that EP release on June 3.

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