Trick or Waka Flocka?

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Halloween is the dumbest holiday. From girls rationalizing their handcrafted skimpy stripper uniforms as genuine attempts of making animal, military service and nurse costumes more sexy to the hundreds of dudes trying pull off the Raoul Duke costume, but firmly stating “No. I'm Hunter S. Thompson,” it's the only time of the year I am judged negatively for not wanting to be something besides myself.

That said, I might have given Halloween the old college try this year had I learned that for $6 + shipping and handling I could be the proud owner of a piece of paper with Waka Flocka Flame's handsome mug on it as my costume – time to toss out my Nixon mask. As ironically charming the Waka Flocka mask may be, let's not forget this dude has taken bullets for attempted robbery. Do not get too Jo-Ann Fabric crafty with this costume. If it gets too believable, you asking for chain snatchings at gun point encounters on your trick or treat rounds. Upside: you can reuse it at your next Zombie night gathering as you moan around a movie theater watching Dawn Of The Dead marathons.