Week in Pop: Foster Olson, Pangs, Rainsford

Sjimon Gompers

Foster Olson's rising star; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Mozart’s Sister’s Week in Pop

Caila Thompson-Hannant of Mozart's Sister; photographed by Rebecca Storm.

Caila Thompson-Hannant of Mozart’s Sister; photographed by Rebecca Storm.

Montreal pop icon Mozart’s Sister has just realized her beautiful new album Field of Love via the trend-setters at Arbutus Records & we are over the moon to proudly present our hero Caila Thompson-Hannant’s following exclusive Week in Pop guest selections:

Tinashe, “Company”

The new Tinashe—The Dream colab is on repeat for me these days. It took a second listen but there is something so addictive about The Dream’s arrangements. Spare, heavy, methodical and confident. Tinashe’s voice rides the wave beautifully, light and sweet and self-possessed. I’d recommend not watching the music video first, however, it just doesn’t do the song justice.

Catching up with Caila Thompson-Hannant from Mozart's Sister; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Catching up with Caila Thompson-Hannant from Mozart’s Sister; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Sevdaliza, “Marilyn Monroe”

Iranian born Dutch artist Sevdaliza really got me with this track. This is a song that to me sounds like it was already written before it was written. The video is also very on point, adding a dimension of existential questioning to the simplicity of the music. I expect we will be hearing more from Sevdaliza in the next couple years.

mozart_s sister week in pop 2
Mozart’s Sister; photographed by Vanessa Heins.

Lorenzo Senni, “Win in the Flat World”

God this song! Makes me crazy. Rhythmically and harmonically I really can’t think of others like it. When I first heard it I knew I loved it right away. It starts out in this 8bit gamer tone and moves to a Reich-esque pace that makes you want to dance but also kinda build something. Got on to this a little late but very happy it’s in my life now.

Mozart's Sister, aka Caila Thompson-Hannant, photographed by Vaness Heins.

Mozart’s Sister, aka Caila Thompson-Hannant, photographed by Vanessa Heins.

Hannah Diamond, “Fade Away”

Perfectly crafted melancholic euphoria. The output of the A.G. Cook / Hannah Diamond team is just stellar. Fade Away is my favorite since Hi for sure. I love the production, euro-dance past future – it sounds like a high speed train with minimalist design. You are definitely gonna get there, but you will barely notice the commute.

Mozart’s Sister live at Music Hall of Williamsburg; photographed by Gretchen Robinette.

Vitas, “Chum Drum Bedrum”

A friend of mine showed me this track over the summer and it’s been an inspiration since. It’s become notorious for the alien vocalist Vitas but I actually think it’s another perfect euro-dance pop track.

Caila Thompson-Hannant of Mozart’s Sister live; photographed by Gretchen Robinette.

Doss, “The Way I Feel”

I recently bought this record on vinyl and it’s the most beautiful object. Clear vinyl and pink cover, minimal 90s IDM design and font. Doss’s The Way I Feel EP is now almost three years old, but it still resonates for me. She hasn’t released anything I can find since and I’m eagerly awaiting the next material.

Dirty Projectors, “Keep Your Name”

I really haven’t listened to the DPs for a number of years but I decided to give this new track a try and WOW I love it. Very emotional and direct. It feels cutting and almost hurts to listen to, which of course feels so good.

Mozart’s Sister’s Caila Thompson-Hannant; photographed at Music Hall of Williamsburg by Gretchen Robinette.

Suzanne Ciani, “The Buchla Concerts”

Suzanne Ciani is one of the founding synth wizards. She has made movie soundtracks, avant computer music, new age music and world class sound effects such as the sound of a Coca Cola bottle opening. This live recording is masterful…she uses a Buchla Music Easel (one of the most mysterious and unique synths) to flow seamlessly between different movements, pallets and harmonic themes. The vinyl got a reissue last year with Finders Keepers.

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