Week in Pop: The Beta Macks, The Lovemakers, Only, The Vignettes

Sjimon Gompers

The most triumphant return of The Beta Macks; press photo courtesy of the band.

The Lovemakers

The sensational return of Oakland’s The Lovemakers; press photo courtesy of the band/Rock Subculture.

Oakland’s beloved loves The Lovemakers are back, & we have the honor of unveiling the world premiere of their video for “No Love Left in Game” directed by band leader Lisa Light with cinematography by Eric Wahl. A b-side taken off the group re-emergence last fall with the Cassingles tape—Lisa along with Scott Blonde, Julia Johari, Michael Gorman (with an assist from the always amazing Jeff Saltzman) live up to their name with a ceremonious return to the scene that has found the group investing heavily into illustrating a sound that more than matches the allusive nature of their chosen name. The Lovemakers’ examination of paradoxes between perceptions of connections, consciousness & more is met with a video that blends romantic sensationalism with the hazy fog lens of retrospective memory. Synth pop systems snake through subterranean corridors until finding in an elusive & alluring sanctuary of refuge & mystery.

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The visual balance in the video for The Lovemakers’ “No Love Left In Game” bounces between clandestine views of lovers enraptured by one another’s embrace & privy shots of vintage style parlor dance moves. From the blue light that saturates the sensual shower sequences, the cold disconnect implied by the lyrics & icier keys is further emphasized by the boudoir interludes. All of the emotive energy rushes in every synthesized key that charges throughout the entire track & adds further thematic depth to the compositions of every low-lit shot & scene throughout the video. Those abstract inner isolation pocket areas of relationships are explored where complicated & conflicting feelings prove cause for intricate re-evaluations of both the self & intimate others. The Lovemakers’ “No Love Left In Game” is the Bay Are group back with a fiery & fierce sound that ain’t looking or talking about love for love’s sake—apart from loving & caring properly for themselves (and fellow deserving loved ones, naturally).

The Lovemakers’ own Lisa Light penned the following thoughts on the song “No Love Left In Game” & video made with Eric Wahl:

The song is one of the first that my partner, Scott, and I wrote once re-forming the band after an extended breakup. In typical fashion for us, Scott wrote the foundation and I came up with the lyrics, and over a lazy amount of time we added everything else. Lyrically, the song addresses how one self-imposes loneliness and delusion into oneʼs life, primarily via fixating on the twin pillars of fantasy and fear.

The video footage was initially intended for a song for my solo project, El Elle, but in an impetuous change of heart, I re-cut it for The Lovemakersʼ single. The video was shot in Los Angeles on the exact finale of a failed LTR, and rather than build out a depressing narrative, I chose to edit with a dreamy aesthetic, focusing on color and mood. While not exactly an exercise in endurance, it surely a more languid and dim vibe than a standard pop video, with the intention of highlighting the shadow layers of romantic memory versus reality that emerge over time away from an experience.

Oh I know / All is love / All is whole / All is Flow
This I know
Itʼs just fear that keeps us alone
Through the night/ Terrorized/ Stare at the phone
Iʼm still here donʼt leave me alone
No Love Left in Game / And I know / You ainʼt ready for me
No Love Left in Game / And I know
You are the one, number one on my wall of Shame.
Yes, I know / All is Bliss / When you stop and Kiss the Rose
This Iʼve known
Its just fear that turns us to stone
Medicate / Skipped the Date / Forgot your Phone
Yes I know / All is love until the whole thing blows
You ainʼt ready for me
I was always waiting

Dream life, Clever Sailing
Seas of Paradise, Capri
Black Storm washed up debris
Tropic Cancer burninʼ me
I donʼt need no fantasy, clearly.

Catch The Lovemakers on tour on dates listed here & below:

13 San Diego, CA The Casbah
14 Los Angeles, CA The Resident
15 Long Beach, CA 4th Street Vine
16 Visalia, CA The Cellar Door
28 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery with Adam Ant

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