Week in Pop: The Beta Macks, The Lovemakers, Only, The Vignettes

Sjimon Gompers

The most triumphant return of The Beta Macks; press photo courtesy of the band.

Week in Pop

Misty Coast
The myth & mystique of Misty Coast; press photo courtesy of the band.

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Misty Coast presented their DIY video for the single “Trash Talk Smile” featured off their upcoming self-titled available September 22 via Club AC30/Brilliance Records/Old Flame Records/Moorworks. Compiled via Snapchat’s Spectacle Sunglasses; the Bergen, Norway members from Megaphonic Thrift (Linn Frøkedal & Richard Myklebust) offer us a view into their dreamy worlds of jam sessions & enjoying their nearby surroundings. With a sound & style that seems to have the entire world at attention—Misty Coast is a group to keep a close ear & eye on in the weeks/months & very possibly years to follow.

Un Blonde announced the new album Good Will Come to You available September 22 from Flemish Eye Records & offered up the bonus cut “Lift Me” that percolates with an organic rhythmic momentum. The sound of an uplifting morning enjoyed over breakfast & coffee is felt in a song that is perfect for starting your day off on the proper & lifted foot.

From the Celestial Tabernacle EP available now via Natural Satellite; Jimmy Turturici takes you on a journey through the spaces of dimensions & the expanses of time with the hyper drive of “Cold Star”. Excitement surrounding the thrill of the exploration & adrenaline rush of the chase is illustrated with an asteroid belt’s worth of synths & electronic items of extreme intrigue.

Introducing duo vverevvolf & their breakout single “Cruel Games” that engages in the adversial encounters & sports of the like. Featured off the California duo’s debut Electric Blue EP, Kelsey LaRae & Dylan Gallagher paint electronic portraits of previous situations, past lovers & cinematic obsessions all converge in a perpindicular cross section of passions & visions.

Supakaine dropped the single “What A Feeling” that features atmospheric production by DaG featured off the Detroit emcee’s upcoming tape Scholastica Park. All the feels percolate & bubble in pensive manners that keep trains & streams of thoughts floating in that inner, reflective thought zone.

Michael J Winningham, oka Palo Duro presents the Cameron J Smith edited video for single “Darken the Glow” featured off the new album Ryou Cannon available September 29 from 30th Century Records. Compiling vibrant commercials & other video montages found from the far east; Winningham’s globe-trotting style keeps all the rhythms bright keys spinning in a fun & joyful style.

Athens, Georgia group I Come To Shanghai sent word of the upcoming album Low Pressure available September 29 from Texachusetts, sharing the adventure seeking single “Swept Out in the Storm”. The sentiments of being swept away out to the great wide yonder is illustrated in the following blend of chords that convey the sense of getting oneself helpessly & hopelessly lost about in the great deep blue sea.

Cathedrals embraced their inner-80s dance movie with the visuals for “Try to Fight” that was choreographed by Denna Thomsen & directed by Jesse Fleece & Tara Alexis, featuring fast & fresh moves by Kylie Shea. Sparring maneuvers are elevated to a kinetic language of love that makes for some wild ballroom breaks to the electro-pop pulses.

LA duo Haunted Summer are prepping their album Spirit Guides available September 29 & they delivered a listen to the sensational “Sour Grapes” & “Every Step”. Evocative sounds echo like the passage of pages that turn & fold, marking the transition of one season to another. Following up Something in the Water, John Seasons offered up the following insights:

It’s an EP we are really proud of. While never ending the touring cycle for the last four years, we learned a lot about taking our time to perfect what we thought our debut full-length should be. After countless hours in many studios, with many talented producers and players, we crafted exactly what we had envisioned. The album is a vessel into our world of memories, life, love, pain, mystery and darkness.

Allow yourself to fall head first into Hvmmingbyrd’s “Gozo” that is the feeling of flying & floating through your day like a vapor taking to the breezy air. The sentiment of soaring through the atmosphere is emulated & exalted with all the exhilaration that one can imagine the ability to fly would bring about.

Liverpool’s FUSS delivered all the big fuzz & fuss with their new single “Coma” featured off the debut EP available September 1 via Modern Sky UK. The sound of confusion & dissonance collects together in a heady brew for the entire senses to take in.

In more Liverpool pop news, we bring you the new single “Save Me” from Motherhood that request a maternal type of force to rescue them from the clutches of all the things that arrive with coming of age growing pains. Illustrations of kindred connections take center stage as Motherhood seeks someone to think about them when they’re gone (or just plain not around at the moment).

Following up 2014’s Palm Sunday—Asheville, NC’s RBTS WIN presented us with a look at the sepia-tinted Kent Hernández video for “Weirdo Forest” featured of the upcoming album Sensitivity Kit available September 8 via Tidal Prism/Fevered Visions. The duo takes us to the stranger sectors of the great outdoors that invites you to explore the more obscure & ominous areas around the sanctuaries of our home abodes.

Featured off the forthcoming EP Sucker available later this year; Chicago’s Bunny, oka Jessica Viscius, presented us with dream-laden minimalist single “Let Me Be Your Dog”. Blending the titular iconography of Iggy & the Stooges, Nico & the Velvets & the Stones; Viscius paints pop portraits of desire, submissive fantasies & all sorts of stream of consciousness that makes every note feel like the most indulgent of lazy afternoons.

Mitú presented a look at the Andrés Gómez & Jorge Londoño video for “Melgar” featured off the forthcoming album Cosmus that illustrates surreal raves full of hypnotic hallucinations & other euphoric attributes. Comprised of the duo of Julian Salazar (formerly of Bogota’s premiere cumbia group Bomba Estereo) & Franklin Tejedor; the future audio frames of Columbian pop are illustrated in hedonistic settings where the feelings of sounds & visions collide to make for one mesmerizing event.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers shared some vintage analogue amplification with the single “Learnings of the Light” featured off their upcoming album Brain Telephone available September 5. With a sound that is straight out of the freak-beat obsessed singles from the swinging-psyched out 60s; the group readies to take their throwback passions to Desert Daze to turn on a whole new set of newfound fans.

Off their just released Happy Accident EP available now from Dollar Slice Records; New York by LA’s Drinker woos & wows with “Sinking / Feeling” that provides a bit of all the elevated highs & lows expressed in emotive brush stokes. Mixtures of complicated bonds bend & nearly break as the audience is brought along for a panoramic ride.

Catch Kraak & Smaak’s remix of Paris duo Sacre’s big breakout track “Gaia”. A track that alludes toward a kind of enlightened futurism is spun toward something that resembles electronic underground Parisian catacomb channels that network toward depths & lengths that are largely unknown & uncharted.

LAPêCHE (featuring members of Floor) announced their debut album The Second Arrow available September 8 through Bakery Outlet Records presenting us with a look at the b/w performance video for “Breaking Parts” directed by Jacob Halpren. Beyond the monochrome gates, LAPêCHE deals with the breaking points of no return as we watch the band in action as images of bursting water balloons shatter the color scheme of the frame with bursts of rich luster.

Catch the band on the following dates:

08 Brooklyn – The Footlight (record release show)
23 DC – DC9
29 Philly – Ortlieb’s

Michael Goldman, oka NONA dropped the single of paternal reflections & more with “Fathers Day” . Inward thoughts on the connections we have between our paternal connections (and sometimes the lack thereof) ruminate in the clashes & flash-points that bring us somehow closer together.

I just realized that everyone is a little lost–that gave me some solace in trusting my own opinions. For me, the song sheds some new light on my childhood and inspired some conflicting realizations about my last few months with my father.

Danish producer BLVK IRIS caught our attention this week with the debut single “Put It On” featuring Jeuru, Janelle Kroll & Mr. Koifish. The track percolates with a restrained glow that bubbles like the warm embers of fiery glows & glances cast by the drawn curtains of the night.

Featured off the upcoming album Devotion available August 10 available Team Love Records, Providence, RI’s Roz and the Rice Cakes brought some feelings from the eastern seaboard with “East Coast”. Some of the most cryptic exchanges & expressions from one heart to another are illustrated in ways that might bring you to tears if heard while in a fragile state of being.

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