Week in Pop: Promise Keeper, Saudade Sisters, Younger Lovers

Sjimon Gompers

The Younger Lovers win the week with a brand new album (from left), Rich Guttierrez, Brontez Purnell & Ezra Rabin; photographed by Fabian Echevarria.

Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper, oka William Fussell; photographed by Laura Coulson.

Promise Keeper, oka William Fussell; photographed by Laura Coulson.


Atlanta by way of London artist William Fussell, otherwise known as Promise Keeper just announced his upcoming self-titled mini-LP available May 16 from the highly esteemed Atelier Ciseaux and has been captivating the entire world with the single “Endless Motion”. The most lucrative & illustrious of effervescent varietals of musical dabblings & explorations are adhered to in ways where analog tape tracked cuts from today mirror the vintage lover’s rock matriarchy that has paved the way for the styles of today.

With the almost obvious comparisons being made to Sade, Fussell too understands the art of taking one’s own time with all matters. Trading no ordinary love for an everlasting love that is greater than something that will keep you up all night needlessly. Blends of airy understated currents allow for William to work in that sax where retro rhythm & blues offer up restrained arrangements to indulge in. The Love Deluxe mode embraces the listeners with a calculated composition where sensuality is illustrated everywhere. Every note is conveyed through a breathy melodic utterance, bass tone intonation, understated progression scheme, and a whole lot of tricks where lo-fi techniques are utilized to maximum effect.

Describe how your Atlanta by London adventures have inspired you personally & creatively.

Atlanta is certainly a timeless wonderland, I grew up and really found a place to walk. That being said, I feel like my transition to London has filled me up on a creative and personal level like I have never felt before. I found love and was married here. As well I found a whole new approach to how I create and live my life in general. It was freeing, now as we reach about two years of living here I have a more precise goal and I have realized that I have just realized what that is.

We’re obsessed with the single “Endless Motion”, describe the motions and infinitude that has informed the song.

The song was written in my bed staring at the ceiling at 5 in the morning, probably wishing I had or had not done something. I feel that the night is either euphoric or anxiety riddled for my self. Its rarely a middle ground. This isn’t a new thought by any means its common for most people, so it somehow feels safe that this happens to me.

I think I have issue with talking about grandiose ideas like eternity, life, death, or time in general. I mean, I think I mention it in almost everyone one of my songs. I used to think it was some kind of crutch that I used when I couldn’t think of anything else but the more I think about it the more that those topics consume me.

I think the biggest issue sometimes is that they are just as real or relative as any myth, legend or religious story, and maybe me writing about isn’t me relying on an post to lean against but rather my pleading for it be real. Because with out it maybe none of this is.

This got a bit more morbid than I intended but as I was writing it out it seemed to just kind of flow naturally, must mean that some of it is true right?

The intrigue & allure of Promise Keeper's William Fussell; photographed by Laura Coulson.

The intrigue & allure of Promise Keeper’s William Fussell; photographed by Laura Coulson.

Give us a close up view to the making of your self-titled for Atelier Ciseaux.

The release as we are calling it is a mini-album, not a full length it is a collection of songs that I have been working on since right before I left Atlanta. There is not so much a cohesive idea that extends from it. I think rather it is a relinquishing of these songs that I have been performing through out North America and Europe the past two years. These songs have been following the riverbed and are about to cascade over the precipice.

Any good stories from your current tour?

This tour has just begun, however, Adam of Better Person and I usually tend to find a way to make a day feel like ten, so I’m sure our adventures in Eastern Europe will find some kind of tale to tell. We fly to Kiev together on April 8, so check back then and lets see!

As someone who has played with a lot of great artists, who/what are you super excited about?

Idiott Smith,Cindy Lee, Danger inc.

Spring & summer hopes?

I’ll be finishing my tour in Eastern Europe with Better Person. I then plan to return to London to start writing and recording for a new project.

Pre-orders are available now for Promise Keeper’s self-titled mini-LP via Atelier Ciseaux.

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