Now you can pay to have someone RSVP to SxSW shows for you

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drunk sxsw

Are you a lazy faffabout who doesn't have the time to hit “RSVP” to the numerous events going on at SxSW? Do you desperately need the help of someone who has a lot more free time to do the all-important clicking for you, streamling your South-By experience into an easy-to-read calendar? Are you fucking serious? Well, in that case, you're lucky that one person has decided to abandon all hope of ever coming off as a professional human by creating a “business” that RSVPs to SxSW events for businesses and the occasional single person with money to burn. Kaitlin Reed, who was recently interviewed by Billboard, is the entrepeneur behind RSVPSX, and she will make your experience in Austin this week either totally simple or horribly self-gratifying.

The alternative to spending a hundred bucks to have someone troll the internet for you is to just come to the shows we recommend, all neatly organized in this post, and stop by our Imposition Tour shows. Don't pay anyone—just click here to RSVP. We'll even welcome you at the door. Now was that so hard?