Talking with Sean from Cult Of Youth before we hit the road

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Cult of Youth show

Let us set the scene for you:

Chris played hookie. Derek was eating pizza. Things turned unprofessional quick with horrible segues and dead air. Then Sean Ragon walked in and saved our sorry asses. Listen as he gives a very insightful response to the proverbial “where are all the real punks?” question, and then destroys with a set of vintage 70s and 80s punk. We would provide a set list for you, but to quote Sean, “If you don't care, I don't care.”

Of course, this is all in preparation for both Cult of Youth and Impose's impending tour kickoff show at 285 Kent tonight. The first night of our Imposition Tour, Cult of Youth will be playing the Kristina Tequila-curated bill alongside Alberich, Destruction Unit and Herzog Rising, before we both venture off in separate directions before meeting up with Sean and CoY again in Chicago.

Show details above, interview stream below [interview starts at the 56-minute mark].