Deidre & the Dark, "Unerasable Love"

Back in February, we brought you “Come On,” the undeniably charming indie-pop single from Deidre & the Dark. Now, Deidre’s back with a new standalone single that elegantly sways into her more noir-ish sensibilities, “Unerasable Love.” It’s a lush, Lana Del Rey-esque ballad ready-made for the adventures of a certain secret agent.
“I have always loved James Bond theme songs, so I thought I’d just get ahead of the ball and write my own”, explains Muro of the song’s creation. “Rather than waiting for them to come to me! It’s a song about being dramatically haunted by the past. My brother did the orchestration and it is a dream come true. Come, come Mr. Bond…”
Stream Deidre & the Dark’s “Unerasable Love” below and add it to your preferred streaming service here.