Hunx (without his Punx) now designing for St. Laurent

Katie Capri

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Bogart's illustrations for Whacky Wacko's "Leather Daddy" beach towel.

Hedi Slimane is at it again, tapping totally relevant culture makers either as their star rises (Sunflower Bean’s Julia Cumming) or has already broke through the stratosphere (Kim Gordon, Marilyn Manson). Since taking the reigns as St. Laurent’s Creative Director, Slimane’s astutely curated brand influencers have infused YSL’s revamp with some actually authentic trend power.

Slimane’s latest team effort pulls in Seth Bogart (or as we music folk know him, Hunx) to collaborate with the iconic French design house on a men’s shirts and accessories capsule collection.  Bogart is no stranger to Slimane, who used Hunx song “You Don’t Like Rock and Roll” to soundtrack the Spring 2014 St. Laurent Men’s campaign video. Nor is Bogart a stranger to fashion. His own line, Wacky Wacko, features T-shirts and dresses sporting illustrations by Bogart and have been spotted on his long-time friend Kathleen Hanna and pop-art culture consumer extraordinaire, Miley Cyrus.

The limited collection of backpacks, sneakers and shirts will feature some of Bogart’s illustrations not unlike his current offerings at Wacky Wacko. Except, obviously, the capsule will be a bit more upmarket because even if they dropped the “Yves” from the name, the founder’s taste for luxury in ready-to-wear fashion hasn’t gone anywhere.

Watch the St. Laurent’s Spring 2014 Men’s video, featuring Hunx and His Punx’s “You Don’t Like Rock and Roll” below.

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