What's the deal with Uniqlo 5th Ave?

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Uniqlo fifth avenue nyc

Everyone knows the internet is the best place to go when there's a mystery. Just a few weeks ago Metafilter users solved a decades old family mystery, and who could forget when Four Tet led us to believe he was Burial? Now, something weird is going on at the Uniqlo 5th Avenue store, and of course, the internet is trying to figure it out.

Uniqlo's 5th Avenue Store, which is the company's U.S. Flagship, has been covered and plastered with the hashtag #SPRZNY. They've posted this suggestive video, but otherwise, have offered little-to-no hints as to what the hashtag means. Uniqlo shoppers have taken to Twitter to guess everything from “more acessories?” to “cocktails?” As of now, the mystery remains unsolved, and the second floor of the store remains closed. What do you think it means?