Anastasia Ashley’s secret weapon: Illy Issimo

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Anastasia Ashley

A competitive surfer by age seven, Anastasia Ashley recently brought a camera crew to her hometown of San Clemente, CA to demo her water-shredding skills and discuss her daily regiment on the beach. A winner of over 200 events and NSSA national champion at the age of 16, you might be surprised to learn that her regiment includes Illy Issimo. With the help of her morning coffee, Ashley has gone from prodigy to champion to spokesperson and model, appearing in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and on television networks like MTV and ESPN. And just in case you don’t feel bad enough about how little you’ve accomplished in your life, she’s also an aspiring artist and designer. Not bad, not bad at all.

Watch Anastasia the early bird shred some waves and discuss her inspiration and creative process in the resulting video. Or just watch because she’s Anastasia Ashley.