Jonwayne, “No”

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Stones Throw’s own Jonwayne has announced via Twitter that he’s dropping a new song every Monday, and the first release in this series is the stubbornly titled “No”, which is brave, unapologetic and overdramatic in its giggle-inducing disses.

Rapping over a fuzzy beats and dramatically-timed pauses, there’s a quiet sense of indignance hiding beneath his laid-back sense of humor and could-give-less-of-a-shit sound effects. Because even while he chuckles about dudes not being able to get off to his “neckbeard” look, there’s an insistent, acrid edge to his usually apathetic, deadpan flow. Loaded with sarcasm and eye roll rebuttals, it’s the kind of F-you track that’ll have you firm in his corner (of the Internet).

And if you can’t wait for more salty sweeps and acrid hooks, look out for Stones Throw’s release of a vinyl version of Jonwayne’s controversy-laden Cassette tape dropping tomorrow, which is sure to keep you moving till next Monday.