Lady Lazarus – “Driving The Streets Of Your Town”

Jeff Cubbison

Santa Cruz-based singer-songwriter shares meditative ballad off upcoming LP

Lady Lazarus is the solo moniker of California-based singer-songwriter, artist and creative writer Melissa Ann Sweat. Over the last decade, she has crafted a stunningly ethereal, atmospheric brand of piano/keyboard-driven dream folk-pop full of existential imagery, confessional songwriting, and wistful moods.

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She’s released three excellent full-length albums to date: 2011’s Mantic, 2013’s All My Love In Half Light, and 2015’s Miracles. After taking a break from the music world, Lady Lazarus is back and gearing up for the release of her fourth album Impossible Journey Of My Soul Tonight, which comes out on October 18. Today, Impose is thrilled to feature the latest single and music video off that record, the meditative, haunting ballad “Driving The Streets Of Your Town.”

Delicate piano notes form the driving melody for this intimate track as Lady Lazarus’ soft vocals float dreamily over the sparse sonic tapestry. Her voice adds a soothing comfort to the introspective lyrics, which trace her own personal and artistic journey – from leaving home at 18 to chase a “city dream” to her eventual return – and all the bittersweet moments in between. There’s a real tinge of melancholy as she reflects on how her path has come full circle: “I left you when I wanted more/ How could I know what life had in store?/ But now I’m back driving past your door…” Overall, “Driving The Streets Of Your Town” is a serene, existential track that parses the shadows of her past, and a brilliant slice of indie songwriting.

Meanwhile, the track’s beautiful music video follows Lady Lazarus driving through the empty streets of her town. The camera angles, barren sights, and moody lighting contribute to a real sense of solitude and isolation as she croons the lyrics. It’s a perfect illustration of the track’s central themes. You can watch it below, and be sure to pre-order Impossible Journey Of My Soul Tonight via Bandcamp.

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