Los Angeles Police Department, “She Came Through (Again)”

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When I first heard the name Los Angeles Police Department, I had them figured for an intense hardcore band that shot first and asked questions later, but, much to my surprise, the LA-based band is a different animal entirely. The brainchild of frontman Ryan Pollie, LAPD started a couple years ago and has since then been churning out sweet, soft bedroom pop and confusing most people who come across their Facebook page:

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Possibly in an attempt to become more associated with the name than LA’s finest, LAPD is readying the release of their self-titled debut album, which comes out Sept 2 through Forged Artifacts Records and ChillMegaChill records. In anticipation, LAPD debuted a new single, “She Came Through (Again)”. Like the rest of their album, “She Came Through (Again)” is delicate and sweet, with its lightly tapped drums, airy vocals, and sleigh bells, but what it lacks in menace and willingness to shoot at suspects with reckless abandon, it more than makes up for in solid pop sensibilities.

Listen to “She Came Through (Again)” below and look for Los Angeles Police Department when it comes out on Forged Artifacts and ChillMegaChill on Sept 2.