Max Pain and the Groovies, “Checkin’ Out Late”

Making the move from Salt Lake City to Brooklyn, rockers Max Pain and the Groovies have distilled that experience into a new cosmic jam, “Checkin’ Out Late.” Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the track and its video today which is set for release on the Sounds From The Hole EP via Greenway Records.

On “Checkin’ Out Late,” the band works up a driving psychedelic storm tailor-made to hypnotize while watching those divider marks whizz by while barreling down a seemingly endless stretch of road.

Max Pain and the Groovies further detail: “‘Checkin’ Out Late’ revolves around how we have kept sane in our bus on previous tours, and the video ties in how easy it can be get had on the road. Whether it’s getting broken into, breaking down or getting played. Only thing you can do is just keep on keepin’ on.”

Watch Max Pain and the Groovies in “Checkin’ Out Late” below and pre-order the Sounds From The Hole EP here.