MOTOFIGHTR, “Piano Fu*k”

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All-caps, asterisks and expletives are good ways to sum up MOTOFIGHTR, the dance-loving California-dwelling duo embracing the sunniest nu-disco mash-up vibe you can imagine. Fresh off of last month’s multicolored, tropics-tinged “Grow, MOTOFIGHTR reach weed sprouting-status with the brand new and eloquently-named “Piano Fu*k”.

A coast-spanning collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Miles Gabriel and Alec Feld of former Expensive Looks fame, MOTOFIGHTR’s sounds like a Giorgio Moroder meets Hawaiian tourist hybrid. Floral print jumpsuit optional.

Brimming with sparkling, sequin-laced sounds, it’s a sped-up disco-esque groove featuring pitched-up vocals over sharp key progressions and fuzzy tropical-sounding percussion. Lush, shimmering and beautifully textured, “Piano Fu*k” is filled to the brim with the kind of feel-good vibes that’ll keep you in a summer state of mind. Just don’t forget your Saturday night shades.