555, “Rainbow Death”

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solar express

Moon Glyph, the small tape label that could and does, continues to release some of our favorite and most interesting cassettes of the year. The newest member of the MG family is Minneapolis Food Pyramid collective member Chris Farstad, who has a new project out under the name 555. The single below, “Rainbow Death”, is a gorgeous, enigmatic, and open track of digital pulses and shimmers. One of the first in a long line of tracks that overutilize a beat to eschew backing accompaniment, this 555 single relies not on a solid pulse but in a freeflowing unpredictability. Its result is a natural, never-overbearing expression of digital ambience, one that floats and flows and moves subtly. Another perfect delivery from Moon Glyph.

Solar Express, the tape on which this song lives, is out on Moon Glyph now and can be found here.