A Night of Jazz & Comedy

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From the liner notes:

“The history of humor in human
discourse is vast and storied. From court jesters and clowns to the
most highly-paid modern entertainers, many cultures have held those
among us who can elicit laughter in high regard. As Mr. BJ Rubin
himself points out, they have always 'had the ear of the king.'

on this recording, Mr. Rubin has our ears. Not only are his
captivating powers of elocution deployed in the interests of his
audience's enjoyment, but his organizational prowess is also on display.
This recording was made at an event planned, organized and executed by
our heroic Master of Ceremonies.

Between monologues
and asides during which he holds forth on a wide variety of subjects,
from the eccentricities of his storied friends and guests, to profound
observations about life and love, BJ Rubin touches the depths of the
human experience.The cogent and cohesive interplay between Mr. Rubin and
his comic foil Weasel Walter create seamless transitions between the
performances by the evening's musical guests. The music on this
recording is by a wide variety of New York's most prominent creative
musicians, providing yet another stunning example of BJ Rubin's ability
to transform an evening of variety entertainment into high art, not to
mention his impeccable tasts.

It is a testament to his
gravitas and charisma, that BJ Rubin can bring together such a
wide-ranging cast of characters and make a cohesive work of art. Yet
more astounding is the burgeoning comedic talent of this brilliant
performer and ascendent impresario.”

–Leonardo Featherweight

Recorded live at Death by Audio 2/3
Produced by BJ Rubin and Weasel Walter
Engineered by Don Fierro
Mixed and mastered by Weasel Walter
Artwork by Lauren Martin
“Good Feelings” video edited by Ari Fishman
Brooklyn, NY 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, A Night of Jazz & Comedy.

A Night of Jazz & Comedy (Pukekos) PUKE021
1. Introductions, etc. (BJ Rubin)
2. This Is A Candy Bar (Weasel Walter)
3. Give That Nigga A Break (Nondor Nevai)
4. Tropical Thunder (Tropical Thunder)
5. Mean Christmas (Weasel Walter & Kevin Shea)
6. The Rings of Neptune (Odysseus)
7. Gays in the Military, Retard (Tim Dahl)
8. Doctor Dave Tickles The Ivories (BJ Rubin & Weasel Walter)
9. I Didn't Know I Was Going To Be Here Today (Matt Mottel)
10. I Was Noticing Something About Comedy The Other Day (Weasel Walter)
11. If You Give Me Your Phone Number, We'll All Hang Out Later On Tonight (Sexy Thoughts)
12. New York, New York/The Girl From Ipanema/Fly Me To The Moon (Puttin' On The Ritz)

BJ Rubin and Weasel Walter present A Night of Jazz & Comedy

Featuring short sets by:
Sexy Thoughts (drums and voice)
Sarah Lipstate and Caroline Contillo (guitar and voice)
Tim Dahl (bass and voice)
Odysseus (moog rogue and bass)
Michael Gallope (farfisa and voice)
Sam Kulik (trombone and bass)
Moppa Elliott (bass and voice)
Cat Tyc (film and voice)
Matt Mottel (turkish organ and voice)
Weasel Walter and BJ Rubin (bass clarinet and voice)
with a very special appearance by Puttin' on the Ritz

Live at Death by Audio

Brooklyn, NY

February 3rd, 2010