Adult Jazz, “Springful”

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Adult Jazz

Wading through the sea changes of Adult Jazz's “Springful” can leave one pondering how the Leeds band packed a five-minute song with so many variations. The A2 single from its upcoming Am Gone/Springful 12″ opens in a vocal refrain that feels ancient and down-trodden due to its work-song structure. The bluesy intro gives way to the indie trope of pristine and cyclical guitar chords which create a fluid path to a texture reminiscent of The Notwist's Neon Golden record.

Does it quite there? No. It does not. Adult Jazz explore two more movements, making “Springful” an enriching journey that contextualizes the band's knowledge and mastery of genre. According to the Bandcamp page, the b-side is a collection of recordings serving as a nod to the places and period which the forthcoming album was recorded. Perhaps, it also will assist in illuminating how the track “Springful” came to be. We're certainly curious.

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