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Distorted Reverberations

Al Lover is getting the jump on hip hop producers from the future. He sees the current psych/garage scene as the artifacts producers will be unearthing 20 to 30 years from now, which is why he's re-interpreted 10 modern jams before the dust can settle. Distorted reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion) is another fine collection of instrumentals that funks with Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Davila 666 and Jeff The Brotherhood, among others.

Al Lover employs his trademark techniques on his trusty MPC, along with plenty of effects pedals, which is fitting considering his source material is probably honing similar effects gear. His committment to the hardware that gave hip hop its first breaths of life is principle in pulling the rhythm and blues from the modern scuzz. Al breaks each track down to it's core riffs and loops the wailing guitars to his liking. But it's not just about Al's vision. He sees an opportunity to instill a connection between the underground communities, by citing his sources directlyy. Permission to sample the material was granted by all the artists.

King Tuff, “Sun Medallion” (Al Lover Mix)

Each song is streaming here .